#PearsonParty2017 Wedding Video


El Torito / Guactoberfest 

El Torito's Guactoberfest was a campaign that glorified guacamole. We produced two stop motion animations to be used as promotional pieces on social media. Together with creative direction from Ken Spera & VO written by Dennis Lewis, we were able to produce two incredible videos to our client. 

Harvest Snaps / Snaps Across America 

Snaps Across America was a social campaign for Harvest Snaps that encouraged customers to get creative with the way they eat their Harvest Snaps. To help inspire Harvest Snaps fans to get creative and make their own recipe videos, I collaborated with the Content Manager to create these two videos. They were distributed through social and on HarvestSnaps.com and viewed more than 300,000 times.

Pocky / Tumblr Launch

Pocky Tumblr launch was big, colorful and vibrant. They needed a promotional post that excited the Pocky audience and encourage them to follow Pocky on Tumblr. With the tremendous help of Art Director Kyle Davila, the Pocky Tumblr Ad was our first attempt at stop motion. 

Each of these works were created during my time at Santy Integrated as a Junior Art Director.